Introducing the Swing Glove, a quality leather glove with a key difference, only the Swing Glove has the built-in Swing Gear that guides you through all the points of your swing. The Swing Glove is more than a training aid, it helps correct fundamental problems with your swing right away and improves your play immediately.

The Swing Glove is recommended by Rick Smith, one of golf's most highly regarded instructors with undisputed expertise in the inner workings of the golf swing. Rick Smith and other top instructors agree that a softer grip on the club delivers more power than a grip that is too strong. The Swing Glove enables this softer grip allowing the hinged-plate to better guide your wrists, and helps reduce any excessive pressure caused as the Swing Glove works to correct your wrist position. The Swing Glove's patented Swing Gear technology is an innovative hinged-plate that keeps your wrists and hands in proper position through the entire swing.

Most golfers experience a breaking down of the wrist at the top of their swing, leading to common problems such as the flying elbow, outside in swing, and ultimately, the dreaded slice. The Swing Glove keeps you in the proper swing plane every time you swing the club and, it keeps your wrist straight and at the ideal position for a more smooth and consistent swing all the way through.

Unlike complicated training aids, the Swing Glove looks like any other golf glove, so you can use it for practice and play without embarrassment. Use the Swing Glove on the course to help guide your swing to a solid impact every time with every club. From the tee box to the short game, the Swing Glove will guide you to better accuracy, greater distance and lower scores.

With the Swing Glove you'll soon be hitting shot after shot longer and straighter than you ever thought possible. And, you can wear the Swing Glove just like any other glove for practice and regular play.

Using the Swing Glove for just a few practice sessions can help you achieve a more precise swing path and correct club angle for every golf shot.
Whether you're putting, chipping or driving, the Swing Glove improves your all around swing mechanics.
The result is increased distance and accuracy. You will notice a significant drop in swing flaws which will give you a more fundamentally solid swing.
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