How does the sizing work for this glove?
Our sizing is the typical golf size you will find in your average glove, such as a FootJoy or Titleist Glove. 

Do you offer cadet sizes?
No. However, most of our customers that prefer cadet sizes have no problem with our standard sizes

Do your offer other colors?
The Swing Glove is offered in white for all men's and women's sizes. The Black Swing Glove is supplied for all Men's sizes.

I am in-between sizes. Should I order a larger or smaller glove?
If you are in between, smaller is better so that the Swing Gear works more effectively.

Is this glove legal for tournament play?
No. Training aids are not allowed for tournament play. However, the benefits of training with the Swing Glove induces muscle memory so, the Swing Glove will impact your tournament play.

How long does the Swing Glove last?
Our glove lasts about as long as your typical golf glove. Unlike many gloves, our glove is not synthetic leather, rather, it is genuine leather and of the highest quality.

Are there any types of discounts applicalbe to returning customers?
Yes, we offer discounts to our continued loyal customers. Returning customers receive a 10% discount for their subsequent orders. Please call our toll-free number, (866) 4MY-GLOVE (866-469-4568) for more information.

What type of grip do you recommend when using the Swing Glove?
Rick Smith and other top instructors agree that a softer grip on the club delivers more power than a grip that is too strong. This softer grip allows the hinged-plate to better guide your wrists, and will help reduce any excessive pressure caused as the Swing Glove works to correct your wrist position.

Slight pressure feedback from the hinged-plate is normal, and informs you that your wrists are bending to far out of alignment. As you work with the Swing Glove and learn a new, more balanced swing this pressure "reminder" will diminish.

Should you experience any repeated pressure or discomfort while using the Swing Glove, we recommend visiting your local PGA professional instructor, who will help identify and correct more significant wrist alignment

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